Treatment plan letters are given at the time of consultation with full breakdown of costs per procedure. These provide:
Itemized costs of each tooth being worked on,
Treatment proposed each visit,
Approximate duration of each visit,
Approximate wait until next visit,
Payments per visit,
Total cost involved.

Methods of Payment
We operate a pay as you go policy. All payments to be cleared before the last appointment. We can accept the following means of payment:
1.We accept cash only in Indian Rupees, USA dollars , Australian dollars, British pounds and Euros. In credit cards only visa and master card accepted.

2. All credit/debit card transactions attract a 2% surcharge as charged to us by the credit card company which has to be borne by the patient.

3. All credit/debit card payments are now to be made in advance before treatment commences due to problems with the VISA/MASTERCARD connections.

4. We do not have installment options nor do we accept insurance covers from any organization.

5. Please note that you must carry your passport for verification of identity while using Credit/Debit cards at our surgery.

6. Bank Transfers and Western Union Money transfers are also acceptable.

7. We donít however accept Travellers cheques.



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